Job Description

I figured out today what my job will look like.

Today I sat down with Pastor Geovanny, Ian (Supervisor of Casa Hogar Vida), Nelson (Supervisor of Micro-loan program and oversees the Clinic), and Kathy (to help translate). We set out my job description. I am excited about it and can't wait to see how God will use me.

I will spend Monday and Tuesday mornings teaching in the school and afternoons working for Casa Hogar Vida, all day Wednesday working with Casa Hogar Vida, and all day Thursday and Friday working at the Malnutriton Clinic for Infants. Every other Saturday morning I will come to the church to work with HIV Support Groups.

I am excited to have my job description set and to begin serving the church here. I pray that I would be the salt and the light to the people here for Christ and that I would serve them well. I will keep updating. Adios!

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