day 11

It's about time I update my blog. Life here in Choluteca has been a bit crazy. The first week we had really heavy storms from a hurricane that rolled through, causing the power to go out for 2 nights and 1 day. When the power finally began to work, sometimes the internet wasn't working anyway. These were really hard nights for me. The inconsistency of the power, the phone connection, and the internet has been hard to deal with, but good to. It is teaching me patience and a surrender of self.

My schedule has changed a bit too. I am still working with Casa Hogar Vida and in Limon at the Malnutrition Clinic for infants, but I am now teaching Art and Home Economics classes for the Great Commission Church school. I will be teaching 1st-6th grades- so all day Friday and a couple classes on Tuesdays.

Here are some photographs of my day today. I spent the day in Limon working with the malnourished children. We played a lot together, swinging and dancing. I helped to feed them breakfast and lunch, bathe them, and weigh them as well.

Malnutrition Clinic for Infants- this is where the kids come to eat breakfast and lunch everyday.

This is the Tortilla and Bread Factory where the parents of the kids work. (The bread is amazing).

Anita doing the morning devotional with the kids.

Dancing like a chicken :)


the kids eating breakfast.
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