Brushing our Teeth

Los Ninos del Rey
"Children of the King"

One of the projects I am helping out with in Casa Hogar Vida is to lead the children's Support Groups. These are children of parents who are infected with HIV/AIDS. Some of the children are infected themselves.

Loren and I are leading the children through a 10 week series called "Los Ninos del Rey" (The Children of the King). Each week we teach them something different, like the importance of washing your hands, brushing your teeth, eating the right food, or drinking clean water.

Today we taught the children about brushing their teeth. We started off by giving them a red sucker that turned their mouth red. We explained to them how eating food (like the sucker) can make your mouth dirty, and told them that brushing their teeth can give them healthy and strong teeth. This may seem very basic, but some of the children don't even own toothbrushes or have never brushed their teeth. One boy thought he was supposed to eat the toothpaste.

Melbi eating his sucker

So we gave them all toothbrushes and taught them how to brush. Reminding them to brush 3 times a day.

Bryan brushing his teeth.

David brushing his teeth.

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