So it's Thursday morning (the day I leave Columbia to head home). I have a stomach ache which has driven me to a stop packing and writing letters. Of all days, today. It makes sense though because yesterday I ate lunch at an Indian restaurant with my friend Erica, had dinner at a Thai restaurant with Chris, and then I had ice cream with coffee around 10pm- both are not friends of my stomach- and so the combination of all the things my stomach doesn't like in one day was just a bit too much. My stomach always seems to fight back when I try to be adventurous.

So now I am sprawled out on the couch, type-pecking on the computer, and feeling sorry for myself. Great.

Maybe I can use this time to process my last week in CoMo. It has been incredible. I have taken the past four days to slow down, pack, and be with people and my God. I have had something like 10 lunch, breakfast or coffee dates with a bunch of girls, Garrett, and Chris. I have been intentional about praying, a weakness of mine, and I have been able to say goodbye well.

On Tuesday night, Chris and my roommate Melissa planned a surprise going away party for me. I walked into my apartment around 8:30pm to a room full of about 30 people. Many wrote me letters, most of which read "Don't open until.." usually some date super far away in October or November that I know will be hard to obey. About halfway through our time together, they sat me down in the middle of the room, laid hands on me and prayed for my travel. I felt so humbled that a group of believers would love me enough to come together and pray for my life. I am thankful to have that kind of community sending me off to reach the world. However, the night had to come to an end. So, after many cookies and brownies, cherry coke, and Oma Flener's famous cheesecake I said tearful goodbyes to my best friends and my church family- the body of believers that loves me well.

It has been a good week. I am ready to go and be with my family and Chris. Monday morning will come soon enough...

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