So, I thought it would be a good idea to get some vaccinations before I left.

I started out by making an appointment with a local Columbia doctor, since I haven't had one since my Pediatrician in Rolla who disowned me on my eighteenth birthday. I called. The receptionist referred me to the Travel Clinic in Columbia. Apparently they are the only place they know of that gives out vaccinations in Columbia. I said fine but made an appointment with a doctor anyway-just to be safe (I am like that).

Next, I called the Travel Clinic- only open two days a week for a couple hours each day. Okay, great. So I waited until one of those two days, called, and made an appointment.

I arrived about a week later. I was nervous because they told me on the phone that most insurance companies don't cover vaccinations. Okay, but it is worth it. After only a short time, I met with a nurse who asked me where I was going and for how long.

"Choluteca, Honduras. 13 weeks. I think" She seemed suspicious. I laughed at myself because really at this point, I don't know.

She pulled a map, found Choluteca on the western side of Honduras, then pulled out another vacination folder with the list of vacinations recommended for going where I am going. The list was long. My nervousness increased, but not really because I am scared to get the diseases- mostly because I am scared of what it will cost. I have never payed for medicines out of pocket.

She went through the list.
Hepatitis B-check.
Malaria-I thought so.
Typhoid fever-wasn't this is Oregon Trail?
Yellow fever-no worries, apparently I should be okay without this one.
Anti-diarrheal antibiotics-definitely a priority! (Every time I have been to Honduras I have suffered from this menace).
Bug Spray-easy enough.

I knew there would be many risks, but I didn't think there would be so many strongly recommended vaccinations. Malaria was the key one I was thinking of. Luckily, with some already taken because of school requirements, I walked out of the Travel Clinic with only one battle wound on my right arm from a Hep A vaccination and a prescription for 18 Malaria pills, Oral Typhoid Fever pills, and a thankful supply of anti-diarrheal antibiotics. I'll buy the bug spray when I get there.

Let's just hope these pills go down. :)


breezylucia said...

i realized i hadnt read your blog in a while and came to find you had been a busy bee with it and updated like 3 times since i'd been astray. i'm so excited to see how God uses you in Honduras and for you to start "going through it" soooon. Im excited that we're both doing similar things and that we're finally learning spanish, something we've been pushing each other to do ever since we realized we both had that desire. wow, our 2 year anniversary of our friendship is coming up. and oh what a glorious 2 years it has been :)

praying for you

Nick said...

I'm sorry this comment is not going to be very deep, but I laughed so hard when you wondered if typhoid fever was on oregon trail. Haha! I thought the same thing, and I think it was. Sorry, I just had to say how hard that made me laugh.

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