Vacation Day 4
So my family and I have been vacationing on Sanibel Island, Florida for four days now. We arrived Saturday after a full day of traveling. We left St. Louis to Orlando, had some layover time and took another plane from Orlando to Ft. Myers. Then we rented a 12 passenger van and drove 30 minutes to Sanibel Island- an island just off the coast of Ft. Myers in the Gulf shores. It's a lot of us, and it has been really interesting being together. It is our first vacation with all of us together since my parents divorce. Me, Ashley and Diesel, Jerry, Taylor, Garrett, Dad, and Suzanne.
Our condo is pretty amazing. It overlooks the ocean and has a screened in balcony with 3 bedrooms. There is also a really cool spiral staircase on the balcony that goes up to the roof. Last night it was lightning and thundering out over the ocean and I got to go up to the roof by myself and watch the storm. It was so powerful, almost scary. I was terrified but amazed of something so massive and powerful and beautiful all at the same time. I tried to take some pictures but none could capture the moment.
We've spent a lot of time on the beach. Since we arrived late on Saturday and it was overcast we didn't get much time in the sun then. Since then, we spent most of the day Sunday and Monday outside on the beach. I am so protective of my skin and am constantly rubbing ocean potion lotion sunblock to keep from burning.
The tide goes out in the afternoon, starting around 5pm or so. When it does we are able to go out as far as the bouy, where in the morning would be way over our heads but at 5pm it is only to our waist.
Yesterday when the tide went out we went down to the ocean to look for shells. (There are shells everywhere and they are so beautiful and perfect. I have to actually be super picky when I am picking out shells here). I am still thinking of something to create with the shells, so any ideas please send them my way. Anyway, when we went out there we found huge clam shells with the muscle foot still inside, beautiful large twisty shells (I'm not sure what they are called exactly) with crabs inside, sandollars that are still alive and moving, sea anenomes, and other really awesome things. My dad found a couple starfish that were together. He thought it was a sandollar when he picked it up but then all the legs started moving wild everywhere. He freaked and the starfish separtated from one of his legs and fell back into the ocean. My dad was standing there in the water, holding a leg of a starfish, slightly freaking out. So he went back in and got the starfish. Now it sits on our porch, dead and flattened by a pair of his shoes.
Last night, Ashley, Tay, Garrett, Jerry, and me went out after dark to catch the sand crabs. We were walking along for a while, getting kind of disappointed because we couldn't find any. Finally, we found one, then another, and another. But it wasn't that easy. It involved a lot of sreaming, running, chasing, more screaming, bobbing of the video camera (I was in charge), and LOTS of teamwork. But we ended up catching 3. And thankfully, by the coersion of me, Tay, and Garrett, the 3 were freed in the castle built by Jer and Garrett.
It has been an adventure.
I'm not taking as many pictures I would like, and most of them are of Diesel, but I will begin taking more as time allows.
I have already finished one book, The Color Purple, and am on to another The Old Man and the Sea. I really love reading. It is great to get time to do that again. It seems like the last time I had free time like this was on vacation 2 years ago. It's great.
I am still struggling with allowing myself to actually be on vacation while I am on vacation, but I will keep working at it. ;) I am hard to really be at rest, but this is good for me because I definately need it.

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breezylucia said...

AIMMMMMMee, i can't wait for you to come home. and i can't wait to see your photos and shells. idea: earrings, i bet you thought of that though....

i didn't know this was a first FULL family vacay since the D, i'm interesting to hear what you have to say about that

i hope you are having a blast with the disney crew and that you are taking photosssss with your fancy camera. love you! see you sooooooooooooooon

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