Day after vacation: 1

Vacation went by in a blur. We spent a week in Sanibel Island, Florida collecting sea shells, laying out by the pool, jumping in the waves, and of course ooohing and aaahing the newest addition to our family, Diesel. The last night we were there we all dressed in white shirts and put on some blue jeans and took pictures down by the beach. We didn't want to pay for a photographer, so my sister and I set up our cameras on a stool down by the beach. We would get the family all ready in the pose and then hit the timer button, race to our positions and smile. Cheese! Surprisingly, we got many great pictures out of that maneuver. I'll post a bunch up here once I get a working computer that can handle a couple photos.

We left Sanibel on Saturday the 7th and drove 5.5 hours to Cocoa Beach, FL where the rest of our family was meeting at the Doubletree. It was a LONG car ride. 8 people and a baby with all our luggage in a huge van. Pretty crazy. By the end of the trip my dad used his old "IF YOU DON'T STOP NOW, I'M GOING TO PULL THIS VAN ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!" That was a blast to the past, thank you to some famous chicken nuggets.

We spent a day, or more just the night, in Cocoa Beach. All the Paule's met there and we visited with some family that lives there in Cocoa. This was the night before we boarded the Disney Cruise, and we had our famous pre-Disney-cruise-family-meeting where we all received our tye dye blue-green tees, ensribed with Paule Family Reunion, Disney Cruise 3, and whatever charater we chose to be. I was Belle (of course, brown hair and she loves to read, and has a pretty yellow dress). Have I mentioned before how amazing my grandparents are?

The Disney Wonder sailed out on Sunday June 8, 2008 with 27 Paules onboard, all claiming to be 27 different Disney characters. (My grandparents were Mickey and Minnie of course. By the way, they are pretty amazing). And it was great. We spent 2 days on Disney's private island, swimming, snorkeling, eating, and one day in Nassau, Bahamas at the Straw Market and other random places around the town. Every night we ate dinner together at a Disney themed restaurant followed by theater productions of different Disney movies or a combination of different movies. I remember how much a love Disney.

We left the boat, early Thursday morning of the 12th and parted our separate ways. Some of the family was staying to go to Disney World, while others were leaving to go back home. Like me.

Being back is hard, weird, different. My brother and I flew in to St. Louis from Orlando last night and I got back into Columbia around midnight. 2 weeks is a long time to be away from everything you are used it. I think it will be a difficult readjustment going from being around my family on vacation, with my only obligation to relax, to full time support raising to go to Honduras. I already miss my family and wish I could have spent more time with my grandparents. I have always struggled with feeling the need to be more places than one at one time. I would love to be around my family more often, but I know that God has me where he wants me (support raising) for a purpose. So, say-a-little-prayer-for-me, or maybe a greater one, because I am going to need it.

Support raising or bust, here we go. :)

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breezylucia said...

Aim, I'm glad you are home and I'm glad you had a good vacay. 2 weeks IS a long time, it's hard to think about being away for longer.... but it will be good for us in both of our different situations next semester. He will meet us where we are at. love you and i need to see you soooooooon

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